of 750 minted.
0.05 ETH per Voxel Ville Plot
Voxel Ville
Voxel Ville
Voxel Ville
Voxel Ville


This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Voxel Ville

Voxel Ville
Voxel Ville


  • Our presale will be for 250 whitelisted addresses – any leftover will be open for public minting afterwards. 
  • Official dates with popular NFT launch calendars for every future NFT collection after the initial presale 
  • Creation of our very own rarity tool available on https://rarity.voxelville.io/ 
  • Live NFT map for holders to explore and see where their plots exist in the Metaverse. 
  • Twitter & Discord shoutouts from big crypto influencers and groups 
  • First, 250 plots of land minted = 1 ETH giveaway to one of the first 250 residents in Voxel Ville 
  • One thousand plots of land minted = 1 ETH giveaway to one of the first 1,000 residents in Voxel Ville. 
  • AR, VR and full video game implementation for every Voxel Ville plot owner. We will have web3 development for full use of plots – all plots will be combined in a metaverse for holders to explore and earn rewards in $RENT.
  • The ability to stake your Voxel Ville plots to earn rewards paid in $RENT. 
  • $RENT development and utility integration, including ‘Voxel Ville Marketplace’. 
  • Community chest rewards – claim prizes on our website by simply holding just 1 Voxel Ville plot.
Voxel Ville

Crypto Foundation for Voxel Ville

Our village will exist on OpenSea.io, and the plots are mintable on our website.

Every plot will exist as an ERC721 token which VoxelVille will use in the future to expand the metaverse and allow users to generate more land.

Voxel Ville

Usage of royalty funds

As we are firm believers in putting the community first, we will use all of our funds generated from royalties to regularly buy back floor-priced plots of Voxel Ville land.

Voxel Ville

Deflationary Metaverse?!

Not only will we use royalty funds to buy back floor-priced plots, but we will then burn these plots forever, causing the supply of Voxel Ville plots to be constantly decreasing, making your plots rarer and rarer every single day!

We will update this as the roadmap develops further!


The Voxel Ville founders

Voxel Ville





Project Lead



The Artist



Lead Developer






Game Developer

Featured Voxel Villes

Each plot is uniquely designed

Frequently asked questions

We have answered the most frequent questions

Voxel Ville
Voxel Ville

How much is a Voxel Ville NFT (plot)?

The Voxel Ville plots cost 0.05 ETH per plot.

Where can I mint a Voxel Ville NFT?

You can mint a Voxel Ville NFT on our website; click here to get brought to the mint section.

How many Voxel Ville NFTs will there be?

There will be a total of 7,777 Voxel Ville NFTs.

How do I mint a Voxel Ville NFT?

Head to the mint section of our website, connect your MetaMask, and click mint!

Why are there no NFTs left to mint?

Due to the nature of how our NFTs get made, we drop them in batches/collections. Every collection or drop has 250 – 1000 unique plots. We regularly post updates for dates and times of when the following collection will happen.

What is the utility and functionality of a Voxel Ville NFT?

Voxel Ville is a progressive Metaverse in which you can establish (mint) a plot of virtual land. Holding onto this land will allow you to have several utilities yet to be published – however, some are detailed below.

  • Free airdrops of Voxel Ville characters and Voxel Ville public spaces – if you’re lucky enough to mint a plot with some residents, you’ll be airdropped with a more detailed design from the characters in your NFT under another collection.
  • A place called home. Your plot will be on a live feed of a map you can see other residents living in too. Send a friendly message to your neighbors or even a cheeky offer for their plot!
  • Automatically enrolled into our beta program with the ability to customise your NFT after minting (the original NFT on OpenSea will stay the same but will be customisable on another platform – all properties on the other platform will exchange to the next NFT holder when you/if you come to sell)
  • Physical 3D prints of your plot sent to your Amazon locker or PO Box (made for free and posted for free for the early settler role).
  • AR and VR implementation with the ability to explore your plots.

What is the future of Voxel Ville?

The future is bright. The end is Voxel Ville. The Voxel Ville team will be aiming to develop a video game in which all players (holders) can interact with one another, collect points, and complete quests. A video game where everyone can utilise their plot, own a pet, build a farm, drive around and contribute to the town and community is something we would love to see and aim to deliver.

When is the next Voxel Ville drop?

Please keep an eye on our #announcements Discord channel to see when the next drop is!

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-fungible token,” which means that it’s a unique, digital item with blockchain-managed ownership that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFT’s fundamental function is to be digital art. But they can also offer additional benefits like exclusive access to websites, event tickets, game items, and ownership records for physical objects. Think of it as a unique piece of art that can also work as a “members-only” card. Voxel Ville works like this.

How do I get an NFT?

New to NFTs? No worries, here are some steps on what you need to do to get your Voxel Ville.
  1. Download the metamask.io extension for the Chrome/Brave browser or app on mobile. This will allow you to make purchases with Ethereum and can be found in the extensions tab. If you are on mobile, you must use the Metamask App Browser.
  2. You can purchase Ethereum through the Metamask Wallet using Wyre or Send Ethereum from an exchange like Coinbase.
  3. Click on Connect MetaMask at the top of the page and connect your Metamask. Once joined, you will be able to purchase the NFTs in the mint section. You will be prompted to sign your transaction. FYI, there will be a fee associated with every transaction related to gas prices.
  4. Once you have made your purchase, your Voxel Ville NFTs will be viewable in your wallet and on OpenSea.

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