Voxel Ville is a digitized village that exists on the Ethereum blockchain in a metaverse very, very far away.

7777 unique and fully hand made collectible plots with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Voxel Ville Collections

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Lakeside Collection
250 Plots

Escape to the serene Lakeside collection, where each voxel plot offers a tranquil waterfront view. Immerse yourself in the calm, reflective waters and the gentle rustle of leaves in the soft breeze. It's a slice of paradise where every day ends with the perfect sunset.

Suburbs Collection
500 Plots

Welcome to the Suburbs, where community and comfort meet. These digital plots capture the essence of suburban life, complete with tree-lined streets and neighborly vibes. Perfect for those who dream of a quaint, peaceful retreat from the bustling city life.

Jungle Collection
500 Plots

Venture into the wild with our Jungle collection. Lush canopies and exotic wildlife await in this untamed expanse. Each plot is a biodiverse haven, offering a vibrant tapestry of flora and fauna for the true nature enthusiast.

Halloween Collection
250 Plots

Dare to traverse the spooky terrain of our Halloween-themed plots. Eerie graveyards, haunted mansions, and mystical landscapes are shrouded in an eternal twilight. It's a spooktacular realm where every day is a bewitching adventure.

Beach Collection
750 Plots

Soak up the sun with our Beach collection. Pristine sands, azure skies, and the soothing sound of waves create a paradise for beach lovers. Each voxel plot is a personal oasis where the summer never ends and the shore is always within reach.

Festive Suburbs Collection
250 Plots

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in our Festive Suburbs. Snow-dusted rooftops, twinkling lights, and the joyous spirit of the holidays enliven these charming plots. It's a winter wonderland that brings the magic of Christmas to life every day.

Countryside Collection
1000 Plots

Breathe in the fresh air of the Countryside collection. Rolling hills, sprawling farmlands, and a slower pace of life define these rustic plots. It's a pastoral idyll where the harmonious cycle of the seasons governs the tranquil landscape.

Downtown Japan Collection
750 Plots

Experience the vibrant heart of the East with Downtown Japan. Neon lights, bustling streets, and contemporary architecture encapsulate the dynamic spirit of urban Japan. Each plot is a gateway to an electrifying mix of tradition and modernity.

London City Collection
753 Plots

Step into the historic elegance of London City. Iconic landmarks, royal parks, and the unmistakable buzz of the capital city give each plot a sense of grandeur. It's your own piece of the timeless charm that is uniquely London.

Savannah Collection
310 Plots

Embrace the wild beauty of the Savannah collection. Golden grasslands stretch into the horizon, punctuated by acacia trees and the silhouettes of roaming wildlife. It's an adventurer's dreamscape, echoing with the calls of the wild.

Arctic Collection
303 Plots

Discover the pristine wilderness of the Arctic collection. Icebergs, polar bears, and the aurora borealis dominate this icy realm. Each plot is a frozen sanctuary, offering solitude and breathtaking beauty at the edge of the world.

Coming Soon
??? Plots

Whispers of a new realm stir in Voxel Ville, a place veiled in mystery and ripe for discovery. Anticipate the unveiling of a world that will captivate your imagination and offer an unprecedented digital frontier. Adventure awaits.